Owen McFadzen

Hello, I'm Owen. —

I help organisations identify and invest in new growth opportunities. I use a process of problem definition and market validation to provide balanced data for informed decision making. This process has been developed with the world's largest corporations by the venture development firm, prehype, for which I've been a partner for the past six years. Now, I'd like to make the process accessible to a new range of partners such as scaling start-ups, family businesses and alternative investment firms.

You can find more information about how I work in the Services section. Otherwise my Writing can be found in it's own section as well as some featured pieces below.

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Hi, I'm Owen. — I make a living guiding organisation in identifying, evaluating and investing in new growth opportunities.

My work focuses on uncovering a fit between a problem, a solution and a business model upon which they operate. I call it problem-solution fit. I've been fine tuning this method over the past six years as a partner at prehype, a venture development firm based in NYC. These days I work independently with different startups, investors and corporations. I help founders, partners and executives explore new revenue opportunities, build the right team or connect with the right partners to accelerate the process.

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