A creative entrepreneur with a passion for solving complex problems, creating beautiful products and building great businesses. All with a user-centered approach.


I've been working as entrepreneur in residence at Prehype for the past year and whilst there I've been able to work with the Wall Street Journal, Bjarke Ingels Group and Carlsberg. Whilst working with Carlsberg we developed a new genre of been and enabled custom batches of beer to be made. We called it Annex Brewery.

Carlsberg // Annex Brewery

The worlds first digital brewery.

Whilst with Prehype, between October 2016 and September 2017, I worked with Carlsberg to discover, ideate and execute on ideas for new ventures. The result was the worlds first digital brewery where anyone can brew any beer they want. Users select the bitterness, colour, strength and flavour of a beer and our brew master, Jon, brews, blends and bottles it before we deliver it to the users door. It’s annex brewery, the worlds first digital brewery launched in march 2016.

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My UX focused background has given me a humanistic approach to technology and I've carried UX philosophies with me through projects in health, government and consumer products across the last six years.


Adding mobility to media management.

A platform for video creators to send, receive and manage video files in the cloud.  ioGates was established in 2003 and was yet to adapt to mobile or had a designer been employed at the company. It was my job to strip the product down, understand the users and align the company with their needs.

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Wall Street Journal

The future of the printed news.

We facilitated new ideas to reinvigorate printed news media and chart the future of the newspaper. On this project I lead teams within the workshop and coached ideas and critiqued start-up style pitches


The local exchange network.

I created new concepts and prototypes for a local sharing economy service.

Novo Nordisk

Giving momentum to the ideas of everyone.

I conducted user research and created prototypes for new digital tools to support a distributed sales force.


I was trained in design thinking practices at CIID and management at Hyper Island. I've built a seriously playful approach to innovation challenges and believe strongly that reflection & feedback is the way to build great teams, which you can hear in my podcast →

I’m also a husband, father of two and avid Japanophile. I grew up in the Australian countryside but have spent the majority of my adult life in Scandinavia.

I’ve had an obsession with Japan since the age of 9 and a soft spot for fine cars, the great outdoors and photography.